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7; resist the Holy Ghost, Acts 7:51; without repentance persevere in sins, Luke 14:18; do not truly believe in Christ, Mark 16:16; only make godliness an outward show, Matt.
8:29f : Whom God predestinated, elected, and foreordained, He also called.
64 For that we neither can nor should investigate and fathom everything in this article, the great Apostle Paul declares teaches by his own example, who, after having argued much concerning this article from the revealed Word of God, as soon as he comes.94 So much concerning the controverted articles which have been discussed for many years already among the theologians of the Augsburg Confession, in which some have erred and severe controversiae (controversies that is, religious disputes, have arisen.139:16: Thine eyes did see my substance, yet being imperfect; and in Thy book all my members were written, which in continuance were fashioned, when as yet there were none of them.20:16: Many be called, but few chosen.Besign BK01 Bluetooth.5: He hath chosen us in Him, having predestinated us unto the adoption of children by Jesus Christ.Photography: Dana Gallagher, dip the base of a candle in beeswax tinted with christmas coffee mug gift sets crayon shavings for a simple, but elegant holiday gift.That He will also strengthen, increase, and support to the end the good work which He has begun in them, if they adhere to God's Word, pray diligently, abide in God's goodness grace, and faithfully use the gifts received.Baxter of California Deluxe Travel Kit 3 of 25 Courtesy of Amazon.How to Make Braided Dupioni Silk Necklace.Dear Drew by Drew Barrymore I Heart NYC Cross-body Bag.How to Make the Knitted Scarves Nothing soothes the soul like a good long soak, especially with a heady infusion of calming scents.So, too, the number, how many there are of these on either side, is beyond all doubt perfectly known to God.43 Thus far is the mystery of predestination revealed to us in God's Word, and if we abide thereby and cleave thereto, it is a very useful, salutary, consolatory doctrine; for it establishes very effectually the article that we are justified and saved without all.For God loved the world and gave His Son, John 3:16.73 And since the Holy Ghost dwells in the elect, who have become believers, as in His temple, and is not idle in them, but impels the children of God to obedience to God's commands, believers, likewise, should not be idle, and much less resist.Advertisement 2 of 25 Courtesy of Amazon.For, in addition to what has been revealed in Christ concerning this, of which we have hitherto spoken, God has still kept secret and concealed much concerning this mystery, and reserved it for His wisdom and knowledge alone, which we should not investigate, nor should.87 By this doctrine and explanation of the eternal and saving choice predestination of the elect children of God His own glory is entirely and fully given to God, that in Christ He saves us out of pure and free mercy, without any merits.88 Therefore it is false and wrong conflicts with the Word of God when it is taught that not alone the mercy of God and the most holy merit of Christ, but that also in us there is a cause of God's election, on account.63 However, as regards these things in this disputation which would soar too high and beyond these limits, we should, indy 500 gifts with Paul, place the finger upon our lips, and remember and say, Rom.

For both these facts are God's revealed will: First, that God will receive into grace all who repent and believe in Christ.
92 For, as the apostle testifies, Rom.